is the world’s largest digital coupon site.

But back in 2011 the world did not yet know it. RMN needed a big branding effort to help get them noticed. Fortunately, the mood in the country at the time was ripe. The housing market bubble had burst, the unemployment rate was stagnant, and consumer confidence was at an all-time low. Americans were in a long-overdue savings mode.

Combine that with the fact that more Americans were shopping online than ever before and you had an ideal scenario for success.

Enter The white-horse solution to America’s budgetary woes. The home to major coupons for every major brand. Macy’s and Levi’s and J. Crew and Kohl’s, all with discount deals every day.

As the Creative Director on the account I led the creative push to help define their corporate identity and brand image. I worked intimately with their Marketing Team and Executive Board, including their CEO Cotter Cunningham.

Everything my team and I did had to lead the consumer to Because every hit on their website mattered. The more hits they received meant the more coupons that got used. And the more retailers they signed up, the more money RMN made. Everybody was a winner: the consumer, the retailer, and

Based on the work I did for the brand—and the sales results—I’d like to think I won, too.


Created the first-ever brand work for “Becky’s Head”, a :30 TV spot, introduced the #1 online coupon retailer to the world.

Created a 3-month-long campaign event capitalizing on the early shopping holiday season. Research shows that consumers are shopping earlier for their holiday gifts. The Christmas shopping season no longer starts after Thanksgiving. And consumers no longer wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday to save: they look for deals sooner. RetailMeNot was ready to capitalize on this growing trend.

RMN had a real opportunity with their unique promotion: Black Friday deals every day for 3 months. So the question was: in such a crowded holiday season how could RMN keep up interest over a 3-month period? The result: My team and I created a new Holiday: OctoNovemCember. And just like every other holiday, we need a magical character. So we created a mascot that brings amazing savings to your doorstep everyday. His name? Pumpkin-Headed-Turkey Claus. A visually stunning beast to be used for events, and to star in a YouTube video series telling the story of OctoNovemCember. The series can be enjoyed here:


1.4 million hits on the first video alone (pre-launch).

1.8 million hits on the remaining 6 videos.

OctoNovemCember made MSNBC and The Today Show and! (Heck, it even got a snarl from Agency Spy.)

And this headline:

WhaleShark Media’s Helps Facilitate 2% of All E-Commerce Sales in the United States From Thanksgiving Through Cyber Monday.

OctoNovemCember + Turkey-Headed Pumpkin Claus + the fact that our TV spot (Becky’s Head) ran during Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade = SUCCESS!

The Press went wild for the newly created holiday/character and campaign:

Brand Introduction : Becky’s Head