The Divorce Comedy (Synopsis)

Take the premise of Dante’s Divine Comedy, update it with modern problems—and you have my darkly funny novel, The Divorce Comedy.

Randall Goode, a thirty-two-year-old greeting card writer, finally accepts that he’s gay. Now all he wants is a quick, simple divorce from his wife and to be comfortable in his own skin. But are things ever that simple? Especially when a battle is brewing for custody of their ten-year-old son and Randall’s wife has been having an affair with his boss. As his life turns upside down, Randall finds himself going through the divorce from hell—literally.

A downward-plunging elevator brings Randall to his lawyer’s office, bunkered way (way!) below the city. There he meets Beatrice, his wheelchair-riding, firecracker attorney and the actor who played Bozo the Clown. Why Bozo? He’s a comforting memory from Randall’s childhood and a consoling mentor. And, yes, this is where Randall’s divorce odyssey becomes hilariously surreal.

As he tries to successfully navigate his way through pitfalls and paperwork, Randall encounters a bizarre therapist, his high school flame, and the occupants of an erotic party bus. Instead of a trial, his divorce will be settled in the Court of Public Opinion on a game show where the “lightning round” involves actual lightning! Will Randall survive his self-interrogation?


A wickedly twisted tale, The Divorce Comedy is complete at 66,000 words and available for your review.


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